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What You Shouldn't Wear to Yoga Class

What You Shouldn't Put on Before Yoga Class

Black leggings? Check. Cute tank top? Check. These are musts when it comes to taking a yoga class, but aside from these clothes you shouldn't wear to yoga class, check this list to find out what else you shouldn't put on.

  1. Lotion: Slathering on hand lotion is something we do every day, but be careful not to put it on right before a yoga class. As soon as you begin to sweat, your hands will become slippery and can quickly become dangerous. Wash your hands thoroughly before class to reduce the spread of germs and ensure a solid grip. The same goes for lotion on other exposed areas. Any pose where you are skin-on-skin, such as Crow or Tree (if you're wearing shorts) will result in slipping, instead of remaining stable.
  2. Bracelets: Although many people practice yoga while wearing jewelry, wrist and ankle bracelets can be distracting. When you're doing Bound Extended Side Angle, do you really want to wrestle with your bangle, trying to push it out of the way so your left hand can clasp your right wrist? If you need to accessorize, go for earrings or rings.

Keep reading to find out what else you shouldn't put on before doing yoga.

  1. Sweaty clothes: You ran in the morning and now you're ready to hit your local yoga studio for strengthening and stretching. Kudos for doing a double workout, but make sure to change out of your sweaty clothes before heading to class. It will prevent yeast infections and body acne to get out of your moist clothes, but your outfit doesn't smell that great. Avoid offending instructors that assist you in poses or nearby yogis by wearing a new, clean outfit.
  2. Perfume: Oh, how thoughtful for you to want to smell nice for the fellow yogis in the room — it sure beats the BO coming from the guy three mats away. With all that deep breathing going on, you don't want your scent to overpower or, worse, cause an allergic reaction. Wearing a freshly laundered yoga outfit and some deodorant will make you smell perfect.
  3. Socks: Although rare, I've seen many people wear socks during a yoga class. Whether it's because they're embarrassed by their feet or skeeved about walking around barefoot on the borrowed studio mat, socks can make feeling stable and grounded impossible.
  4. Makeup: This last one is a little controversial because, like jewelry, many woman like to wear makeup to exercise. If you're hitting a yoga class after work, I can see wearing the makeup you've been wearing all day, but don't make the effort to reapply. Depending on how vigorous the class is and how hot the room, you'll end up sweating all of it off. If makeup is a must, go simple and make sure it's waterproof — you don't want to end up with mascara on your mat while resting in Child's Pose.
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