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What's Your Advice For Holding Your Keys While Exercising?

What's Your Advice For Holding Your Keys While Exercising?

I recently got a question from one reader that I thought you guys would have some great suggestions for. Here's her question:

"Hey Fit. I've been trying to run outside a lot more these days but I never know what to do with my car keys (I drive to the park where I run). I don't feel comfortable leaving my door unlocked while I'm gone but holding the keys gets annoying. Any ideas would be much appreciated."

I use a small running wallet that attaches to my sneakers — it's inexpensive and doesn't bother me on my jogs. However, I am sure you guys have your own innovative ideas for stashing keys and IDs while running so help a user out and share them below.


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sktchris sktchris 8 years
Don't know if anyone has already said this or not but nike sells a little shoe pocket insert you can put in the laces of your shoes to hold things like keys or anything else that's small. It's $8 but I think there are cheaper versions that are out there too.
VeggieLove726 VeggieLove726 8 years
My Roo shoes have a small zipper pocket, perfect for a spare key!
sfcasebeer sfcasebeer 8 years
I wear shorts with a drawstring and I have a spare house key that isn't attached to my key ring. I pull the drawstring through the hole in the top of the key and double-knot the drawstring. I don't feel the key at all and double knotting keeps the shorts up, too.
kbostic kbostic 8 years
I stick mine in my sports bra every time!
bettywhite bettywhite 8 years
in the sports bra. easy, cheap.
Allytta Allytta 8 years
i tie my keys to my snickers :)
smart-blonde smart-blonde 8 years
I run in my neighborhood so my car keys are not an issue. If I don't have shorts with a key pocket on, I safety-pin my house keys to the waistband of my pants, and make sure they're pinned into the tight part of the elastic. In the winter, I safety-pin them into the pocket of my fleece vest.
nikolem2 nikolem2 8 years
I also tie my key (I bring to my shoelaces if I'm just leaving the house for a bike ride, walk or run). I keep a single house key on a single key ring and double knot it when I tie my shoes.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 8 years
I used to tie them with the draw string on my shorts/pants. Not an issue since I keep car and house keys separate.
MaggietheCat MaggietheCat 8 years
Open up the little door to your gas tank and pop your keys in there. And no, I don't mean open up the gas cap and pop them in the gas tank. Just sit them on top of the gas cap, close the door, and nobody is gonna see them!
carolinas carolinas 8 years
I always run in shorts that have no pockets. The approach I adopted to deal with my keys was to use a black binder clip (I came across the idea a few years ago in Real Simple). You push the metal prong of one of the metal pieces in towards the middle to pop the prong out of the plastic. Slip the key or key ring onto the metal clip and then reinsert the prong back into the plastic. Then you just clip the binder clip to your running shorts and, voila, no keys to worry about.
gigill gigill 8 years
I use my traveling money belt to carry my keys, phone and ipod. Works like a charm!
saraswords saraswords 8 years
I have a slimmed down set of keys with just my house key and car key on it. They're on a clip that I attach to my sneakers. There's a nice added benefit to doing that, too because the sound of the keys jangling alerts people I'm coming up behind that I'm there and they usually move over for me. :)
MintGreenTea MintGreenTea 8 years
I prefer tying my keys into my laces too. It's easy to do plus it doesn't cost anything.
NurseDeAnna NurseDeAnna 8 years
I take it off the keychain and thread my shoe lace through the key before tying them. It's tied in, then to keep it from flopping, I tuck it into the criss-cross part of my shoelaces above the tongue of my shoe.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 8 years
Miss Meow, I was checking to see if anyone else usues their bra, and me and you are it, I guess! Lol!! Fuzzles, you crack me up!...
carmabe carmabe 8 years
I take a quite a bit of stuff with me when I run. Usually this is because I am scared to be without all of it - kind of like my security blanket when I'm out of the house. I use a running jacket from Nike that has two pockets on each side and one in the back. I can fit my cell phone, ipod, bus pass with $20, a cliff bar, keys and chapstick. Its not so bad if I'm wearing it, but when I tie it around my waist it can get kind of annoying becasue it keeps bumping into me due the the weight in the pockets. I always have to fold the pockets up and tuck them under where it is tied around my waist to keep it secure. Now that I read this I realize how crazy I sound for bringing so much with me... Oh well!
chellybean chellybean 8 years
90% of these ideas are no good for me, I have one of those big honkin switchblade keys ( that doesn't nicely anywhere!! Anyone else with the same prob?
becdance becdance 8 years
Lululemon! All their run gear, bras, hats and pants have pockets for your keys!
jeffleeismyhero jeffleeismyhero 8 years
I used to have a car key that would fit in my iPod's arm band (it had a spot for a key) and that was pretty helpful. Before I had that arm band, I would tie my shoe with it on the laces and then tuck it under the cross laces. A couple of times I tried attaching this key to my dog's leash but it would bounce around and I didn't want it to bother her. Then I got a Jetta and the key is pretty large so I would either put it in my back pocket (Nike shorts with zipper on back pocket) if there was one or tie it to my drawstring and put it in the small inside pocket. Storing the Jetta key is kind of a pain so I try to take my fiancee's Explorer, and it has the keypad on the door so I just leave the key inside the car. This makes things a whole lot easier.
turqouise-turtle turqouise-turtle 8 years
I use one of those springy plastic bracelet key holders, attach my key, and wear it on my wrist! Just got back from a run with it too.
bwalsh1382 bwalsh1382 8 years
I bought a SPIbelt at a race that I ran that is perfect to put my keys and anything else I need to bring. It's kinda like a fanny-pack but much smaller and made from a spandex material so it stretches as you need it. I like to put my key and ipod in there because I hate wearing my ipod on my arm. You can get them at
DeeMarie DeeMarie 8 years
I stuff them into my ipod armband...
xmas1239 xmas1239 8 years
i don't know how popular these are, but i wear basic cotton SOFFEE shorts, and i roll the waistband up twice and keep my key in the part i roll up of my waistband. it always stays put and i can never even feel it.
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