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What's Your Advice For Someone Who Lost Their Fitness Partner?

What's Your Advice For Someone Who Lost Their Fitness Partner?

OK guys, since you're all so great at giving fabulous tips for others in need, I've got another case that needs your advice.

I need some help Fit! My best friend and I used to be workout buddies. She and I would totally motivate each other to get off our big butts and go to the gym. We had so much fun and I even lost five pounds! Now, she just started a new job that she loves except now she works crazy hours, which means she can't workout with me anymore. I know I am being selfish but I am so bummed and I hate going to the gym by myself. I haven't gone once since she started her new job. What do I do???

- Missing my partner in fitness

Maybe we haven't all lost a 'partner in fitness' but we've all needed that extra bit of motivation so give her your advice in the comments section below.

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alliep627 alliep627 10 years
I have never HAD a workout buddy. I've been doing it alone for the past 4 years and I can't tell you how badly I crave a partner/friend to ride my bike with or go walking/hiking with. How do I find someone??? My friends just aren't interested or their schedules will not allow it. My husband would be perfect but he has a very serious heart problem and cannot work out at all. My teenager daughter's not interested in spending "that kind" of quality time together either. HA HA HA. I want a workout buddy and a best friend all rolled into one but I can't find her...or him.
glitterandgold glitterandgold 10 years
my boyfriend has been gone for a month and he was my workout buddy too. after he left i didn't feel like going to the gym either, but i figured that i should motivate myself by downloading lots of new music and never listening to it until i get to the gym because it gives me something to look forward to. i usually get bored with the same ol music. also, buy some new workout clothes, especially cute ones! that will get you motivated to stay at the gym longer like me haha. another thing i tried is spinning class. try an exercise class so you won't feel alone and the instructor will definitely make sure you work your hardest! lastly, bring your workout clothes, water, ipod, and shoes with you to work or school so that you can just go to the gym straight after because if you go home, it will be harder to leave. i hope this helps!!!
hepsmom hepsmom 10 years
Having more than 100 pounds to lose when I started at my gym, fitness classes were NOT an option. However, I started the BodyPump classes and absolutely fell in love with them. I must say that I detested working out in general, but DESPISED group workouts. Strangely, I LOVE BodyPump classes. You can find people in classes who will hold you accountable and encourage you. If you find the right gym, you'll find someone. Actually now, I don't even care if any particular person is or isn't there. Another option could be to get a trainer. THAT was the best money I've ever spent. That also shows others that you are serious about your fitness and might attract people who otherwise wouldn't consider you a serious "worker outer." (I mean this in a nice way. It actually happened to me at my gym.)
rubialala rubialala 10 years
nikolem2 is right, and you might meet a new fitness partner!
nikolem2 nikolem2 10 years
I'd recommend taking fitness classes at your gym. In a group atmosphere, you're not really alone, and you're having fun! It's also a good way to meet more people like you.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
RebeccaAdele RebeccaAdele 10 years
Don't feel like* working out! Woops.
RebeccaAdele RebeccaAdele 10 years
Exercise TV helps me when I can't get to the gym or don't feel like I am working out. It's like mini-trainers, but free. I used to have a workout buddy, too, but now I use a trainer at the gym and when in my home.
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