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What's Your Advice For a Vegetarian Needing Protein?

What's Your Advice For a Vegetarian Needing Protein?

Sometimes a question comes along that I know you guys would have some great advice for. I'm sure that a lot of you vegetarians out there will really be able to help user Baby_Jatti with her quest for meat-free proteins. She asked:

"I'm a vegetarian and I am trying to increase my muscle mass. For that I need to increase my intake of protein. I already drink two scoops of protein shake every day, and I am doing the whole soya thing but still I can't seem to get the required amount of protein from my diet every day. If anyone has any suggestions pleeeeease do let me know."

So share all your tips and help a fellow user out. I know I'd love a few more ideas myself because meatless Mondays are getting a little boring for me these days.


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