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What Your Get Fit For 2010 Fitness Test Results Mean

Resting Heart Rate:
Why: The number of times your heart beats per minute, when you are at rest, indicates the strength and efficiency of your cardiovascular system. A strong heart is able to pump more blood with every beat, so you want a low resting heart rate (RHR). A lower RHR tends to correspond with a higher aerobic fitness level.


  • 60 or less = Good
  • 61-80 = Average
  • 81-100 = High, but acceptable
  • 101 or more = Abnormally high and not good!

The great thing about this test is that as your RHR lowers you know you are getting more fit!

Core Strength
Why: Core strength is not only a fitness must but necessary for day-to-day living. You need to have a strong and stable torso for lifting weights and lifting boxes or babies, and a strong core will improve your running, biking, and dancing, too.


  • 60 seconds or longer = Strong
  • 30 - 60 seconds = Average
  • 30 seconds or less = Needs Improvement

Quad Strength and Endurance
Why: Strong legs are an essential part of a fit body. They help you run, walk, and lift. Muscle mass is part of a healthy body, and the quads are a largest muscle group of the legs. Lean-muscle mass helps keep the metabolism running.



  • 76 seconds or more = Very good
  • 58-75 seconds = Average
  • 57-30 seconds = Below average
  • 30 seconds or less = Poor

Stay tuned for workouts and tips to gain strength and improve your cardio endurance over the weeks to come.

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