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What Are Your Thoughts On Hot Tubs?

Weigh In: Are You a Hot Tubbin' Lady?

Ignorance is bliss, or at least it is when it comes to hot tubs. I used to get giddy when I saw "hot tub" listed under amenities of spas or hotels, but now it makes me cringe. After hearing fungal horror stories and going through my own traumatic experience, I wouldn't dare to dip my pinky toe in a warm bubbly pool, save my own.

Some folks like to get their groove on in the steamy waters but that's just asking for trouble, or at least bacteria. While it may be a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable place to sip a toddy aprés ski, I'm not sure it's worth the aftermath of folliculitis, also known as the "hot tub rash." But hey, that's just me. If you fancy the swirling tubs for their therapeutic powers, just make sure it's a clean and trusted spot before you take the plunge.

So tell me, would I find you in the hot tub or sitting on the sidelines?

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Lovely_1 Lovely_1 6 years
I have one and yes I use it pretty often :) At least twice a week!
Roxy8 Roxy8 6 years
I love hot tubs and use mine every day! I use a high quality oZone generator as my primary sanitizer with a weekly shock so I am never in chlorine. If I was really concerned about a public tub, I would pass. But most hotels are very careful and have pretty strict regulations they must follow. the truth is many home owners get lazy and think they are safe since its “just me and the hubby’ using it and don’t follow the manufacturers recommendations, then they say their tub is a problem. No its the owner that’s the problem. Hot tubs are wonderful sources of relaxation but need to be cared for. I love my Hot Spring Spa because it is simple, safe and reliable.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I'm allergic to chlorine so I can't partake.
weffie weffie 6 years
Only private ones, not in hotels or gyms. On a sort-of related matter, a plumber once told me never to use the jacuzzi in your hotel room because the water that's in the pipes sits there until you turn the jets back on, so when you start it up it actually sprays out the previous guests' bathwater.
fizzymartini fizzymartini 6 years
Was never a fan until I attended a bootcamp, and this was quite definitely the most brilliant way to recoup every evening. The heat really helps to relax any muscles that take a pounding (and that would be all of them) without the stifling hot air of a sauna or steam room. Plus it was a social hotspot for fellow bootcampers!
Carri Carri 6 years
I hate hot tubs. They've always grossed me out. The only time I will go in a hot tub is when they are part of the pool filter system and owned by a friend. Even then, I'm usually not too keen on going in!
Purrsnickety Purrsnickety 6 years
Hot tubs raise your blood pressure. I can't go in them or saunas because I have a heart condition. Boo.
sushiflower76 sushiflower76 6 years
I love hot tubs. But only if they belong to a friend. Knowing the person who is responsible for keeping them clean makes a difference. I wouldn't want to use one at a motel or a spa.
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I love hot tubs, but I try not to think about how germy they are. They usually put enough chlorine in them to kill a lot of what's growing, but there is still fungus to worry about. I've never gotten a case of folliculitis, but it's something to think about.
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
I like hot tubs if I don't think about how gross and dirty they are — especially after snowboarding or an intense workout. When I do think about the bacteria you will find me in my towel on the sidelines.
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