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When It Comes to Exercise, Do You Ignore Your Pain?

Exercising is supposed to make you feel good, but sometimes while you're in the middle of a workout, you can experience discomfort or full-on pain. Achy knees, a stitch in your side, sore ankles, blisters, burning quads, and tight lungs are just a few I'm sure you can relate to. I was wondering though, do you push through the pain and keep going?


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CanadianAlissa CanadianAlissa 7 years
stitches, blisters, muscle soreness. i push through. joint pain, muscle cramps. i slow down. prolonged joint pain, muscles spasms. i choose a new exercise for awhile.
vitisva vitisva 8 years
It depends on the type of pain. I mean some people may see that citric burn as pain.
Shadowsbane1988 Shadowsbane1988 8 years
Honestly, it depends on the discomfort/pain. Blisters = stop. Or change stride or get new shoes. Bad blisters take a long time to heal. Knees = OMG stop now! But I have really weak knees, due to bad genetics and other things. My knees are really my weakest point, and they never really heal up.....yay knee surgery before 30. Anything else I just work though.
sexysugar6000 sexysugar6000 8 years
I'd eat some bannana's and fast. The potassium will make the pain go away. Usually, when preparing for a strenuous workout i eat a healthy 300 calorie breakfast and my favorite multi-vitamin and that really helps me.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
There are very few types of pain that will stop me from working out...I had bad tendonitis in my ankle a while ago so I just switched from running to using the elliptical for a while until my tendons were back to normal. Lots of times I'll get blisters or a bruised toenail or something and that doesn't usually stop me from working out. Neither does a little muscle soreness now and then. If I had a really serious injury, I'd stop working that part of my body for a while until it healed up.
joy76 joy76 8 years
I am really bad, I don't listen to my body I continue. At the moment both my knees have been hurting for a while now, and still not done anything about it. Worse during spinning class! This article is a gentle reminder that I need to see the physio fast :-)
SaraJeanQueen SaraJeanQueen 8 years
Haha--how funny this post comes upon today. Last week I was trying to swim a mile for the first time without stopping (32 laps), and around lap 25 I kept getting cramps in random toes and my calf. I POWERED THROUGH!! I kept thinking, what if I were testing to be a lifeguard today? haha! And of course last night I ran and was burping had a stitch in the side but that didn't stop my determination to reach 7 miles.. sometimes you just gotta run through it, it will go away.
nowari_101 nowari_101 8 years
nope i usually stop working out
SassAndBide SassAndBide 8 years
it depends.
Red-Sharpie Red-Sharpie 8 years
As long as it's not a sharp pain that would indicate injury, I go until I complete my workout if at all possible.
nylorac nylorac 8 years
Once I was on the elliptical and my knee was being rotated out of its socket. Needless to day, it was ridiculously painful and I had to stop and adjust it back in place. THANKFULLY, this was only a one-time occurrence.
Advah Advah 8 years
Depends on the type of pain. If my legs hurt because I've been a lazy bas*ard for the last month or so and haven't left my house, then I force myself to do a bit more than just stopping when it start to hurts. But as I have a serious problem on my left leg, I pay attention to the pain in this area (which is why I haven't been runing for the last two months actually :/ ).
cravinsugar cravinsugar 8 years
I have tendonitis in my ankles and heels, and bad lower back. all hurt, esp the ankle when working out (i usually have to slow down, limp, and let the pain pass, thought i dont' stop compeltely) and none of it will ease until i have lost weight, so i figure that is a reminder of why i need to workout and keep going. If I start feeling a new pain that isn't from muscle fatigue, i stop and re-evaluate how i am exercising..posture etc to ensure that isn't the cause. There are some exercises i just can't do (the machine where you arms are bent up in the air and you bring them together in front of your face/ shoulders have excruciating pain in them when i attempt it...i can do it with free weights though)
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
I push through discomfort or mild pain. I've had knee and hip problems in the past so there are certain warning signs in those areas that I'll pay attention to and use as a cue to lighten up.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
Only if it isn't in my knees. Other than that, I don't over do it to the point of tears or to where my muscles cramp and paralyze me the way some trainers have left my body hurting.
wambalus wambalus 8 years
Weeell, I tend to plow through if I know the pain is not serious (i.e. muscular soreness, blisters). However I've had enough joint problems to know that sometimes you just need to give it time. Plus my mom is about to go in for a hip replacement, so I'm starting to be extra careful about listening to my joints before I cause serious damage!
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