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When to Give the Gift of Fitness: Mother's Day Protocol

When to Give the Gift of Fitness: Mother's Day Protocol

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching. It is this Sunday, May 13th, just in case you didn't know. With that in mind, I just wanted to review the protocol around giving fitness related gifts for this special day.

A fitness gift can be a touchy subject since no one wants to receive an exer-cycle they didn't ask for. Unless an interest has been stated, giving exercise equipment is worse than giving a mom a toaster. It comes across, frankly, as an insult. It implies the recipient needs to exercise more, and gifts should not be used to send messages. Now, if your mom has mentioned in passing that she would like a TreadMill and you have the dough to buy her one, go for it. Or maybe your mom said she would like a set of dumbbells or resistance bands. Those items you can probably afford, so give her the gift of resistance training.

If your mom has expressed interest in trying yoga, Pilates, or a personal trainer, by all means give her a gift certificate for some classes or private sessions. I bet she will be thrilled.

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SU3 SU3 10 years
I gave my mom a Yoga 'starters' kit last year (equipped with a beginners dvd, mat, foam block, cotton strap, yoga bag, yoga pants... the works!) and she loved it! She still uses it to this day and has learned some awesome moves - she helps me out since I haven't really gotten into the whole Yoga thing... ;)
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