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When You're Stuck With a Bag of Holiday Cookies

When You're Stuck With a Bag of Holiday Cookies

Choosing what to keep as leftovers is one way to help you survive the holidays, but sometimes an insistent host won't let you get away without a bag of holiday treats. Even if you volunteer to take home an alternative item, like leftover hummus, some hosts just won't take no for an answer! So what do you do with a tempting bag of cookies? Here are a few ideas.

  • Bring them to the office. Chances are your co-workers will snatch them up before you have the chance to be tempted.
  • Stash them in the freezer, instead of leaving them on the counter or in a cabinet where they'll tempt you everyday. When you have a true craving for a seasonal treat, warm up your cookie and savor your good sense!
  • I'm not typically a proponent of re-gifting, but I'm also not big on wasting food. If your next holiday party will be here before the cookies become stale, put them in a festive tin and bring them to the party for others to enjoy. If there's not quite enough, make a small batch of your own to round out what you already have.


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