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Where to Buy Sneakers Online: RoadRunner Sports

I have given you all many tips on how and why to buy good running shoes. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you. It seem like the good deals are often online, but when it comes to sneakers finding the right fit through the Internet can seem risky, but not with RoadRunner Sports.

They guarantee a perfect fit! Seriously. Here's how they explain their policy:

And now, with our unrivaled PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE, you can hit the road in your new running shoes. If they're not just right for you, simply exchange them within 60 days, no questions asked.

How cool is that?

They also have Fit Experts available for consultation via email or telephone (which seems charmingly "old school"). You can even sort the shoes by foot type and most shoe descriptions are accompanied by helpful reviews and rankings.

RoadRunner Sports sells other gear too: hydration systems, clothing, watches, scales, and heart rate monitors. If you prefer to shop at a retail store they have "brick and mortar" operations, mostly out west, so check their site for store locations.

Join The Conversation
Wikipedia Wikipedia 9 years
I have a super high arch. I've been tested. =)
QueenSki QueenSki 9 years
The best thing to add onto your shoes is a pair of Superfeet. I got some at Roadrunner and they really changed my life!! Try a pair you won't be sorry!!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
do they have vegan shoes?
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
SWEET! There is on in Seattle, not too far from where my son has therapy. I'monna have to go in there soon. I am in DESPERATE need of some good running shoes.
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
Sounds interesting. Hope to try sometime. Must say that I received the best fit advice at The Runner's Store. Both my knee and foot problems went away once I bought New Balance 992s and paired them with heel padded socks.
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