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Where Have All The Weekend Warriors Gone?

We all know the term 'weekend warrior' - someone that does not exercise at all during the week but goes all out on weekends - but do they really exist?

A new study shows that only one to three percent of all Americans actually fit the bill of a weekend warrior -- All this time I was thinking that this was how most people found time to exercise. Sure cramming all your exercise into the weekend is not an ideal approach, but hey it's better than nothing.

Moral of the story: The weekend warrior mentality is probably failing because we all need to find a way to incorporate exercise into our daily lives, not just the weekends. If you happen to be a rare weekend warrior, then think about trying to space out your workouts to slowly make it part of your life. Instead of Saturday and Sunday, try exercising on Saturday and Tuesday for one week. Then, the following week try exercising on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday -- This way it becomes part of your week.

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