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Which Athlete's Body Type Do You Think Is Best?

Which Athlete's Body Type Do You Think Is Best?

Now that track and field has been going strong in the Olympics, I am mesmerized by the speed and agility of these athletes.

But you know what else? I'm mesmerized by their toned bods too. I'm not sure if anyone caught the women's javelin competition this week, but the lovely limbs of Paraguay's Leryn Franco is enough motivation to make me want to pick up a javelin instead of hitting the gym. I guess I am not the only one keyed into this, turns out she is a model as well.

So I started thinking about all the athletes and which have the best physiques — beach volleyball certainly ranks up there. Maybe because we see so much of their bodies since they play in bikinis. Which athlete's body type, if you could choose, is the best of the Summer Olympic games?


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