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Which Diet Matches Your Personality?

The same diet or way of eating doesn't work for everyone since we all have such different needs, goals, likes, and dislikes. So if you've struggled with your weight and what eating plan matches your lifestyle, check out which diet fits your personality.

Personality Type Traits When It Comes to Food Recommended Diets
The Structured Eater
  • likes orderliness
  • prefers rules and regulations
  • likes lists, knowing what they can and can't eat
  • likes knowing what amounts are OK to eat
  • pays attention to details
Atkins, South Beach Diet, The Zone

To see the other types of eaters


Personality Type Traits When It Comes to Food Recommended Diets
The Flexible Eater
  • laid back
  • adaptable
  • likes structure but not rigidity
  • flexibility allows them not to feel deprived
  • wants to have freedom to choose; a little "wiggle room"
Weight Watchers, Volumetrics
The Organizational Eater
  • lack of choice is comforting
  • thrives on long-term plans such as a monthly meal schedule
  • enjoys extreme structure, being told what to do
Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, HMR
The Social Eater
  • emotional eater
  • doesn't manage stress well
  • turns to food for comfort
  • loves connecting with other people
All types of diet can work as long as the program offers emotional support either through community boards, support groups, regular one-on-one visits, emails, or encouraging text messages

Which type of eater are you?

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