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Which Exercise Helped You Love Fitness?

What Was Your Gateway Drug (Into Fitness)?

Exercise and fitness don't always come easy. You may be convinced that you hate to exercise, but it might be that you just haven't found the activity that best suits you. I was a regular at a yoga and Pilates studio, but I wasn't in love; to be honest, I'd force myself to attend class. I've since discovered that rock climbing is my fitness passion, an activity that has also opened up the door to hiking and camping. What's funny is that I now love Pilates, yoga, and all other sorts of fitness classes. Keeping active has become a way to complement my outdoor lifestyle, and my love of the outdoors makes me want to stick to a regular fitness routine.

I'm not alone in this. Many people I know who have completed a triathlon started off by discovering a passion for running or cycling. My friend became a personal trainer after learning that she's a gym rat. I've also met people who avoided the gym like the plague but now can't wait to get to their Bar Method classes. (Admittedly, there are some who may never find their fitness calling but stick to it for the benefits.)

Did you have a gateway drug into fitness? If so, please share it in the comments field below!

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TiVo TiVo 6 years
soccer - I played for 13 years
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
Running. I hated it at first but wanted to get better at it after some surgeries - I knew cardiovascular health was really important. Now I'm addicted even though I'm still a beginner! Also, I completed my first *legit* hike with an aunt & uncle - the views were stunning once you made it up the mountain! Definitely a fitness addict at this point.
Meredith3 Meredith3 6 years
Weight workouts are the BEST. They change your body in big and important ways. Also Slow Carb Dieting. See Gary Taubes' books and for lots of information.
jamiejamiecake jamiejamiecake 6 years
It was definitely running. I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with it. I was a casual runner for 2 years. I'd run 5K races here and there and maybe hit the pavement a few times a month. I preferred spin classes and lifting weights. But after being forced to run a 10K earlier this year (a challenge from my husband), it somehow became an addiction. I'm telling you. I HATE running. If I had a choice between running and not running, the sane part of my brain would say NO. But it's addicting. That feeling you get after finishing a crazy interval set, or running 10 miles for the first's sickening. I have my first half marathon in 6 weeks and every time I lace up my shoes, I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and this voice in my head saying, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" But nothing can compare to that little bit of swagger in your walk (or maybe just a hurt IT band) when you've just killed the run.
katie225 katie225 6 years
i grew up as a cheerleader from the age of 4 to 18. once i was out of high school (and my college didn't have a cheer team, boo) i had to find something to stay in shape. i fell in love with turbo kickboxing (TKB) because it reminded me so much of cheerleading. i am now a group exercise instructor for both TKB and indoor cycling, and i also love to take weight lifting classes for the bump in metabolism i get! i can't find yoga to be anything but boring, so to get my mind/body fix i take ballet classes for beginning adults. not barre, but ballet. i like this mix because it works for ME. everyone's got to find their soul mate workout!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
Believe it or not, I fell in love with the much-maligned elliptical. I actually get really bored running outdoors. I also love Bikram yoga and pilates, but nothing feels better than an hour of elliptical intervals!
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