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Which of These Popular Diets Have You Tried?

Which of These Diets Have You Tried?

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet of appropriate sized portions coupled with exercise is the easiest prescription for weight loss, but sometimes we need a little outside help in the form of a diet plan. The firm boundaries of an eating plan can help you turn down trigger foods you would normally eat without a second thought.

To shed the stubborn remains of baby weight after my first daughter was born, I used the South Beach diet. I would never give up carbs again, but when I finally got to eat them the diet taught me the beauty of whole grains. After my second child, I loosely followed Weight Watchers and have incorporated the portion control I learned from that plan into my daily eating habits.

I know some of you have used crash diets in the past for quick weight loss, but have you used any of these diets for the long haul?

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