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Which Running Injuries Have You Endured?

Running and jogging, while a fabulous form of exercise, can lead to some pretty un-fabulous injuries. From shin splints to runner's knee one injury can leave you in pain for many days. Me, I've had shin splints, pulled muscles, and ankle sprains all in the name of my love for running. What about you?


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TammyO TammyO 8 years
Seems like the toenail injuries are the best of it for most people! I'm suffering now from horrible shin splints with bad ankle pain to pulled muscles in just one leg and I can't shake it off. I'm so miserable when I can't run!
ohbaby7 ohbaby7 9 years
oh god... First, rotated left pelvis. doesnt sound pretty, and it isn't. That was from hill running and racing in cross country. Resulted in countless hours of PT and stretched muslces all over my thigh. 2nd, after intense pain in lower back on right side, found out that my sacriliac join doesnt move properly. And sadly, I am a runner and it is (was) what I do best.
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
WAY too many shin splints, runner's knee, and purple toenails..ew.
clemalum03 clemalum03 9 years
Don't even get me started on my IT-Band issues! Initial injury before a half marathon in April 2005 and after 2 separate treatments in 2005 and 2006 and basically giving up on running, I am FINALLY back! I took a good 2 years off of running beside my IT problem was so bad. I kept working on strengthing my quads and bought a foam roller and really worked on my stretching and thank goodness I'm back! I have to agree that the right shoes really help. I think the initial injury came from upping mileage for the half and running in worn out shoes. I religiously change my shoes every 3 to 4 months now. That's probably quicker than I need to, but I am so paranoid about the problem coming back!
allthingsgrow allthingsgrow 9 years
I stopped running due to my ITB not healing after 2+ years of rest, physical therapy, that darn styrofoam rolly cylinder for months, even cortisone shots, etc. Sometimes I can run a mile without it hurting, sometimes 3, but then I'll be hiking and it'll just flare up again. I am genuinely sad I can't run anymore, but there's really nothing else I can do. I know people who have just bounced back from ITB but for me it's been nearly 4 years and I still can't run. I've also suffered shin splints; who hasn't?
SShorty06111 SShorty06111 9 years
IT band, stress fractures and tendonitis in my achilles...oh the life of being a track and field athlete
jelibeann jelibeann 9 years
thanks nevada...i actually OWN a foam roller and it sits prettily behind my tv stand :) i should really break it out...
jld392 jld392 9 years
sciatica caused by a herniated disc and sacroiliac joint injury. So so so not good.
aburlock aburlock 9 years
DeviousMuse- I also displaced my patella...mostly because of my tight IT band. That sucks, doesn't it? (I just did it about 6 weeks ago..ouch)
aburlock aburlock 9 years
shin splits, IT band problems, strained calf, hip problems (related to IT band) and black toe nails. Also I broke my toe once during a race on a mountain.
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 9 years
Pulled muscles and runners knee have been ongoing issues (though manageable) - my biggest problem was actually a displaced patella (kneecap) that happened seemingly out of nowhere and put me on crutches 4 days before I was supposed to run a 15K and 3 weeks before my first half-marathon! (I managed to recover in time for the half, thankfully.)
eroca87 eroca87 9 years
Fractured and sprained ankles (different feet), achilles tendinitis, lost toenails...and ongoing issues in my hips, ankles and knees from ballet dancing all my childhood. I loved every minute of dancing, but after making my body do only those kind of moves from 4-20 takes it toll...I've read articles lately about how it's not good for kids to start intense training in any sport at a young age...especially if that's all they end up doing for 12 years. I think I definitely agree...
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I had a nasty bout with ITBS when I upped my mileage pretty significantly. I did the rolling thing and did some stretches that targeted that area to loosen it up and after about a month, it healed up. I also had a nasty case of tendonitis in my ankle that was driving me crazy...I actually ran with it, but it got worse so I quit running for a while and just did the elliptical until it healed up. I've also had plantar fasciitis and bloody toenails, not to mention about a gazillion blisters. No stress fractures though...yay!!
Tabloid Tabloid 9 years
I keep getting cramp! It hurts so much!
princesspower princesspower 9 years
The IT band is the bain of my running injuries. I have only found relief by strengthening the quads with weighted leg extensions, a lot of streching, and substituting running with the equvalent miles walking. Oh, and never skimp on good shoes! My asics gel nimbus rock. Purchase shoes from a reputable running store so they are matched to your gait and this could curb a lot of potential injuries.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 9 years
Shin splints and sprained ankles. I hate shin splints!
coco_bella coco_bella 9 years
I've had shin splints, runners knee, pulled muscles and a fracture in my ankle...but I still love to run!
naomi79 naomi79 9 years
Stress fracture. It's been 12 weeks. Ugh.
toxphd toxphd 9 years
i have had everything on the list except achilles injuries. i also broke my left femoral neck by hitting a pothole at an unfortunate angle. that little misadventure left me with 3 screws, an interesting scar and a new appreciation for a pain threshold that let me walk around on a broken leg for 2 weeks.
RocknBabe RocknBabe 9 years
Tendonitis in the past and right now I'm recooping from a Stress Fracture. I have not ran in almost 8 weeks :(
codi-isabella codi-isabella 9 years
tendonitis in my achilles/foot for a month and a half and then once it healed i started to run again and now i have it in my other foot :( does anyone have any suggestions on how to heal/recover from tendonitis quickly so i can run again comfortably?
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 9 years
jelibeann - for ITB problems, a lot of ultra runners I know (dear hubby is an ultra runner who has fought ITB problems practically every year) their "treatment" consists of rolling. They use a large foam cylinder to roll the entire length of the outter leg from the hip joint to the ankle. It looks (and hubby says) it hurts like HE-double hockey sticks for a while, but he's going on his second year of finally managing the ITB problems. He also rolls the back of his legs for achillies tendon problems (the major injury he was dealing with last year). Even though he's started feeling problems, he wasn't rolling when the issues were arising, and have quickly resolved once he started rolling regularly. Hubby got his roller from a massage therapist he was using a while back, but you get them from a place called Zombie Runner dot com. They carry the foam roller under their "injury prevention and fitness" category of their online store. And their price is like a 1/3 of what hubby paid for his. Just a suggestion.
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 9 years
Everything except ITB and achilies issues - as of yet. Though, I've had one ankle reconstructive surgery, torn ligments too many times to count, and knee surgery. Oy vey, and I still love to run.
SillyGirl SillyGirl 9 years
Havent run in a year due to nasty sciatica from a hip injury. :(
ladychaos ladychaos 9 years
Shin splints and tendinitis of the knee at the same time. Funnily, I ran my fastest times while I had those injuries. Hooray for painkillers!
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