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Which Would You Rather Do?

OK ladies. Going to the Gynecologist and spreading eagle in a paper dress for a pap smear and breast check can be totally unpleasant. While you're strapped into those stirrups, you've got to love all those personal questions too, like "Do you suffer from vaginal dryness?" and "Are your periods heavy or light?" (sigh) I dread going every year. By far, it's not my favorite way to spend an afternoon.

On the other hand, going to the dentist isn't top on my list either. You get poked, prodded, and drilled with metal instruments while you're forced to keep you mouth wide open for unnatural amounts of time. Don't forget about being stuffed with wads of cotton - that's always fun. My dentist always asks me questions that I can never answer because my mouth is wide open. And how about that anesthesia? You can't eat or drink anything without it ending up dripping down the side of your face. My jaw is always so sore the next day too. Do we really have to go twice a year?

They both are no picnic, each is important for maintaining your health - but which would you rather do?

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