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Button Mushrooms, Cheap and Nutritious

When it comes to mushrooms you can go fancy or you can go cheap. The problem with cheap is that it often seems to be less nutritious. Take for example the humble white mushroom (aka the button mushroom) whose reputation hardly shines for its nutritional value compared to its exotic cousins.

However according to recent research, the white button mushroom has antioxidant properties just like its expensive rivals. What's more? It was found that the antioxidants in the button mushroom are equal to, if not more, than the better-known mushrooms when they measured the respective mushrooms' free radical-destroying ability. The good thing is button mushrooms are available all year round and are cheap, so unless you despise the taste, there is no reason to not add a few to your salad or side of veggies.

Fit's Tip: Research found that the body of the mushroom had a higher concentration of antioxidants than the stalk, so gobble up those caps.


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