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Whole Wheat Bread Beats Acne!

Everyone hates spots, pimples, zits, acne. Not matter what you call them, you don't want blemishes on your face. New research indicates that changing your diet may help! Yep, eating low glycemic foods may help improve the quality of your skin.

Here's the low down on low glycemic foods - they cause a more gradual and sustained increase of glucose (a simple sugar used as energy) in the bloodstream, and include foods such as high-fiber, complex carbohydrates. Low glycemic load diets have been promoted for weight loss and diabetes control since they affect the levels of insulin in the body. Given that high levels of insulin may contribute to acne, it was only a matter of time before this connection was studied.

Although the study followed only men for a 12 week period, one can hope the positive effects of a low glycemic diet will translate to women as well - even though we have hormonal monthly changes that affect our skin. You know what I am talking about!

Bonus: The men on the low glycemic diet also lost weight, showed greater reductions in levels of the male sex hormone androgen and increased insulin sensitivity (which is a good thing).

So if you are prone to pimples eating food low on the glycemic index might just help. You might want to avoid iodine as well. Looking for more immediate relief? Check out these clear colored pimple banishers.

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ktacce ktacce 9 years
differin also fights acne. ;) :P
Ikandy Ikandy 9 years
Cool, I also heat high fiber cereal in the morning. I usually get a good flax seed bread. But I get cravings 4 plain ol white bread sometimes...I wish I didnt! If only theres was something 4 those pesky monthly hormonal changes...
rachelbojangles rachelbojangles 9 years
This is true. I switched to whole wheat bread and I eat Kashi GoLean high fiber cereal cereal. My skin still breaks out but not nearly as much.
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