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Whole30 Groceries From Whole Foods

The 13 Best Whole30 Staples From Whole Foods (and Amazon!)

Whole30 Groceries From Whole Foods

Thinking of doing the Whole30? You'll need to be prepared; the elimination diet removes dairy, sugar or sweeteners of any kind, legumes, grains, and alcohol for 30 days. This means you'll doing a ton of cooking at home and loading up on fresh vegetables, organic, grass-fed meat, and healthy fats.

To make sure you're prepared, we've found 12 of the biggest staples from Whole Foods you'll need to make your Whole30 attempt a success. If you don't have the grocery chain nearby, you're in luck — since Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, these products are also available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Fresh.

So stock up your shopping cart and get prepared to tackle the next 30 days! And if you need some recipe inspiration, be sure to check out our gallery of 50 protein-packed Whole30 recipes.

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