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Why Advanced Yoga Students Go to Beginner's Classes

Back to Basics: 4 Reasons Advanced Yogis Should Go to a Beginner's Class

Regardless how many years you've been practicing, making your way back to a beginner's class can breathe fresh life into a stale practice. Here are four reasons more advanced students could benefit from hanging out in a beginner's class every now and again.

  1. You can freshen up on your foundation. While advanced yogis certainly know a lot more about how a Downward Dog or Chaturanga should feel at this point, the teacher will be putting much more emphasis on and instruction into these poses, rather than moving through an advanced flow sequence. The breakdown could produce just the breakthrough you need: sometimes just one quick tip can reshape your relationship with a basic pose.
  2. You can cultivate your beginner's mind. The "beginner's mind" means heading to your mat with no preconceived notions about what you can or can't accomplish, poses you can or can't do. Approaching your practice with fresh perspective every time will increasingly benefit your relationship with yoga.

Keep reading for two more reasons to go to beginner's yoga.

  1. You'll be forced to slow down. Every few months, I make my way to a beginner's class for a little R&R, but one thing that I started recognizing is how impatient I sometimes get during these classes. If you're practicing on a regular schedule, then you typically have a comfortable flow with your favorite class or teacher, but things tend to move a little more slowly in beginner's classes. But part of yoga practice is quieting your mind and going with the flow — whatever that may be — so relish in the opportunity.
  2. You can really focus on your breath. The connection of movement to breath is a cornerstone of strong yoga practice, but when you're constantly bending into all your favorite shapes, it's easy to get caught up. Instead of focusing on a superphysical practice, you can really take your time in beginner's classes, giving your body some love in the form of less rigorous routines. The feeling of bliss that you leave with will be worth the moments spent wishing the pace wasn't so slow.

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