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You may be six weeks into your current strength training program and you've lost the weight, but how come you're still feeling flabby? Well, for some reason your weight training is not getting the job done.

One reason you may not be getting as toned as you wish could be because you're not using enough resistance to challenge the muscles and stimulate them to grow -- Developed muscles are what makes us look toned. Women have been programmed to use light weights for fear of getting too bulky. It's important to keep in mind that those lovely, muscley ladies that grace the covers of magazines like Muscle & Fitness have worked very hard to look like that. Switching your 12 pound dumbbells to 15 pound dumbbells will not make you look bulky.

You need to use a weight that will fully fatigue your muscles (you couldn't possibly do another rep) by the last repetition. If you're feeling like you could go on and on with the current weight you're using, you should definitely think about going a little bit heavier.

Fit's Tip: A good rule of thumb is to increase your weight by 5% (or less) once it starts feeling too easy.


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aflower aflower 10 years
my problem is exactly the opposite. what do i do? i do cardio at least three times a week. i strength train four or five times a week (different muscle groups each day)..and i am seeing results from that. unfortunately i am not dropping any weight at all! this is crazy. i should be sticks by now. i am like 3 months in! oh, and i have incorporated fruits and veggies into my day. what more do they want from me!
juiceejuice juiceejuice 10 years
yeah, for me, 8lbs is so hard...
JustSomeChick JustSomeChick 10 years
I feel like I am at an in-between point. Certain exercises (like lateral lifts) are more difficult and I use a lighter weight for those. But bicep curls are way too easy at the lighter weight, so I use heavier weights. Is it bad that I don't use a consistent weight throughout my workout?
JLew1982 JLew1982 10 years
It is bad that my 8 pounders wear me out?
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Thanks Fit. I am so worried that I am gonig to losethis weight and uncover bulky man muscles. I will be sure to keep this in mind!
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
Great post! I was hesitant to increase my weights, but after switching from just 8lb dumbbells to 10lb for doing squats and lunges, I have noticed a definite difference in the past couple months. Thanks Fit! :D
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