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Why Calorie Counting Doesn't Work

This Is Why Counting Calories May Not Be Helping You Lose Weight

There's nothing more frustrating than working your ass off and not seeing results. Even if you've been "good" about counting calories for weight loss, chances are that you're not accurately keeping track.

Fat-loss coach Chad Hargrove shared a photo on Instagram showing why you may not be hitting your weight-loss goals with calorie counting. Sure, it's easy to log your main meals throughout the day — but you're likely missing those smaller snacks and add-ons in between.

"The difference between half-hearted calorie counting and diligent, consistent calorie counting can be the difference between no progress and very significant progress at a very nice rate," Chad wrote in his caption.

But that doesn't mean you should avoid enjoying treats altogether. Rather than tracking your calories, maintain a calorie deficit. Burning more than you consume will help you shed pounds more effectively.

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