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Just in case you were planning on using the news that exercise doesn't help you burn fat when you stop exercising I have a few reminders of why cardio matters.

  1. Aerobic exercise greatly reduces your risk of heart disease and increases your life expectancy. It is like strength training for your heart, which one could argue is the most important muscle of your body.
  2. Vigorous cardio has been shown to help prevent cancer. So work your interval training and bike up those hills.
  3. Regular moderate cardio exercise boosts your immune system. Along with strengthening your heart, aerobic exercise creates physiological changes to your immune system making it stronger.
  4. Light to moderate cardio can not only improve your mood, it decreases the symptoms of depression. Feeling gloomy? Go for a walk, run, or bike ride and sweat your blues away.
  5. Moderate aerobic exercise eases insomnia. If you don't suffer from insomnia, getting your heart rate up can still improve your sleep, helping you fall asleep more quickly and have better quality sleep as well.

If you are now in need of a plan, check out these cardio routines for all types of aerobic exercise and cardio equipment. Tell me, why do you do cardio?


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