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Why Coffee Makes You Have to Go to the Bathroom

Why Does Coffee Make You Have to "Go"?

Sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the morning is one of my simple pleasures. Not only does it offer some "me time," but I love the rich flavor, and the fact that it gives me an extra pep in my step. Millions of people drink coffee for the exact same reasons, but what they may not know is that drinking joe helps relieve muscle pain as well as improves memory and that it may help prevent skin cancer while also decreasing the risk of liver cancer.

These are all great reasons to enjoy a daily cup of java, but many people also love coffee because it makes them "go," and by that I mean more than an energy rush. Keep reading to see why a java jolt helps the final stages of the digestion process.

Coffee may help you "go" for several reasons.

  1. It's hot. Drinking warm liquids such as coffee or tea, especially in the morning, is often suggested to relieve constipation.
  2. It's a liquid. Although coffee was always thought to be dehydrating, this is not the case. Since getting enough fluids can help keep you regular, a cup of joe counts toward your daily fluid consumption.
  3. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the muscles in your digestive tract to contract, making you have to head to the loo, but too much coffee can have the opposite effect. That's because coffee is a diuretic, meaning it pulls liquid out of stools, making them harder, which makes "going" more of a challenge. If you're constipated, skip the coffee.

So there you have it. Do any of you drink coffee primarily to keep you regular?

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