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Why Crash Diets Are Bad

There's No Magic Pill: 4 Simple Reasons Not to Crash Diet

You may be really tempted to crash diet before your wedding day or a bikini-filled vacation, but what appears to be a quick, magical fix is just the opposite. Crash dieting can leave you with some serious repercussions. If you're still not convinced that fad diets don't work in the long-run, then here are four simple reasons to just say no.

  1. It leaves you feeling lousy: We know that the body needs consistent and well-balanced nourishment to work at its optimal level, and crash diets aren't not known for being nutritionally sound. If you're not concerned that this will have you in the dumps, then know that the loss of protein and adequate carbs will leave your body off-kilter, making you to feel tired and edgy.
  2. It's short-lived: A yo-yo diet may have you feeling awesome when your water weight flies off the scale, but things shift very quickly. After a short period of this superficial success, a restrictive meal plan makes your body fight back and go into survival mode by storing whatever calories you do give it, actually making it harder to lose weight.

Keep reading for two more reasons not to crash diet.

  1. You're bound to gain it back (and then some): The Weight of the Nation recently reported that maintaining weight loss is already difficult for people who went about it the healthy way, but crash dieting slows down your metabolism, making it much harder to keep weight off and far easier to gain even more back.
  2. It hurts your health: Other than messing up your metabolism, crash dieting affects the way your body functions. The lack of nutrients can stress out the heart, leave you dehydrated, and mess with your body's ability to fight off disease. It's just not worth the risk.
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