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Why Didn't Aly Raisman Win Bronze?

Why Didn't Aly Raisman Win a Bronze?

You may have been surprised to see Aly Raisman come in fourth place after her score of 59.566 matched Russian Aliya Mustafina, who was awarded the bronze medal. If you're perplexed at how this happened, you're not alone, as many people thought the two would share the podium. In alignment with the International Federation of Gymnastics:

"Should there be ties in the team finals in London, the lowest apparatus score will be dropped and the remaining scores added. If that doesn't break the tie, additional apparatus scores will be dropped, one at a time, until there is a winner. If no winner emerges, the tie stands.

There is a similar formula for the all-around final. But if no winner has emerged following the dropping of apparatus scores, the execution score total for each gymnast serve as the tie-breaker, followed by his or her total start value. If that doesn't establish a winner, the tie will stand."

While the odds of this happening are very rare, under this rule, Mustafina dropped her lowest score of 13.633 (balance beam), while Aly's lowest score of 14.200 (balance beam) was also dropped. Mustafina was able to win because she scored higher on the remaining three events. I'm not sure this is giving Aly any solace with the current situation. Between her lack of bronze in the individual all-around and Jordyn's elimination to the finals despite her fourth-place standing, it seems like all of these rules have been interfering with Team USA's ability to perform. What do you think?

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Olympia3024948 Olympia3024948 5 years
\u00a0@arcDC Well, if they were gonna score the girls on rank they would do this years ago. It would be unfair to make a new tie breaker rule all of the sudden. The total of their top 3 scores is the fairest. And you cannot DOUBLE punish a person, she got the lowest score when she fell off but still recovered gracefully. Aly didn't do very good overall, sorry, she just didn't she got 2nd on vault, and 2nd on floor BUT THAT doesn't mean you can forget her 9th place on uneven and 10th place on beam routine too. Granted 1st place on bars doesn't cancel out her 18th place on beam it TIED it which is spectacular...because NOBODY got 16 on anything other than Mustafina. I think people would still complain if Mustafina got .001 more than Aly purely because she fell which means people don't care about scores, they care about punishing people who fall.
Olympia3024948 Olympia3024948 5 years
\u00a0@imLissy AA events mean you get to compete because at Qualifications were that good. Its sad about the 2 country rule but those were there in other years too so its no shock. If being weak on the beam because she fell means she isn't good overall then other gymnast like Paul Hamm should have never won Gold overall at the Olympics in 2004.
Olympia3024948 Olympia3024948 5 years
\u00a0@Eileen3021029 Mustafina got 16.100 which in itself means she was above amazing. She got 13.633 they cannot then double punish her, it has to go by points and that is the fairest thing. Even if they took the two middle points Mustafina would have won.
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