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Why Do Apples Make Me Hungry

You Asked: Apples Make Me Hungry

You're asking and I'm answering
Hey Fit,
I like apples as much as the next person, but every time I eat one I get really, really hungry. I know they are good for me and that "an apple a day will keep the doctor away." But why, oh why, do they make me so hungry.

Great question. I too love apples, and I too find myself hungry after eating one. The reason apples don't keep you full, and sometimes make you hungrier, is that they are 95 percent carbohydrates and carbs do not keep you full. Do not give up on apples as a snack though. Just pair the apple with a piece of cheese or slice the apple and spread some peanut butter on the pieces. Cheese and peanut butter add protein and fat to the apple making it a well-balanced snack that should keep you full, because it is protein that keeps you full.

I am curious if this happens to you? Tell me in the comments section below.


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tchatham tchatham 5 years
I am a nutrition professional and understand that carbs do not give as much satiety as fat and protein, however its not that an apple does not make me feel full (which I understand) - its that it makes me feel HUNGRY which is a different thing entirely... I eat a fair amount of fruit and it only happens when I eat apples... All fruit is made of carbs (one serving), free water and fiber (among other nutrients), so what is it in an apple that has this affect on so many people??
villagevoice villagevoice 7 years
If you eat an apple on an empty stomach, it will make you more hungry because it's basically composed of sugar, water and acid, (which your stomach is already roiling with if you're hungry.) Few calories, quickly burned simple sugars; no help there.
Allytta Allytta 9 years
In Slavic culture apples have always been thought to raise hunger. Moms give them to kids so they'd it more. And yes, it happens to me sometimes, but I always tried to fight this believe and make myself think they don't make me hungry, as i love love apples. just have 2 for dinner and got hungry only 3 hour later and had some cheese with honey. so it's not bad at all. somehow after apple i never crave junk food. i grave healthy protein.
onesong onesong 9 years
any sugars (including simple carbs!) raise your blood sugar, whether they're natural (found in fruit) or fake. fit's totally right here, just throw some cheese (i LOVE the laughing cow) or a little but of (natural and trans-fat free!!) peanut butter in and you should be set...remember though, it's a snack, not a meal, so don't be surprised when you're hungry again in 2 hours! also, VicVicVictooriaa, i have the same problem with bagels, but only if i eat them w/out cream cheese/pb. throwing a little cc on there solves the problem in the same way it does for apples! (just not as healthy overall, lol).
dianajosey dianajosey 9 years
this is so true... i had an apple yesterday right before class... an hour or so into the class, i was feeling real hungry again
starburst697 starburst697 9 years
OMG, I thought this was just me! I used to eat apples more often, but got sick of how dang hungry I would be when I was finished, I was hungrier than I was before the apple! That's good to know, I'll keep this in mind next time I pick up an apple.
emalove emalove 9 years
I've never noticed this before...I actually feel full after I eat an apple.
modernage modernage 9 years
Interesting, this also happens to me.
blondie829 blondie829 9 years
Okay, so here's the follow-up, i'm STARVING now. had an apple 2 hours ago. ugh
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
YES. Hunger calls after most fruits I eat, especially apples. What I do is eat them an hour or two before lunch so that, even though they make me hungry, the extra food will keep me from eating like a cow at lunch.
Food Food 9 years
this always happens to me, I'm glad to know that i'm not crazy. whenever i eat an apple — and i adore them — i am ravenous afterwards!
blondie829 blondie829 9 years
i was eating an apple when i was reading this post. i'll let you guys know when i get hungry!! haha
blondie01 blondie01 9 years
i thought i was going crazy too!!! and I didn't know they were a negative calorie food aimebee but your right! I just looked it up online and there are actually numerous fruits/vegetables (besides celery and cucumbers...the only ones I thought)that are neg. calories because it takes the same/more amount to digest them. thanks for the new info!
twinkey twinkey 9 years
I'm slightly amused that the posters name is Eve. On a more serious note, I thought only artificial sweetners spiked blood sugar..?
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
Huh? This doesn't happen to me.
lisaleeh lisaleeh 9 years
I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I try to avoid eating apples when I'm hungry because it always makes me more hungry.
Lynne Lynne 9 years
Ditto to what Jenintx had to say!!!!!!!!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I love apples because they're a negative calorie food.
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