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Why I Won't Buy a Shake Weight

I Don't Buy It: Shake Weight

Who isn't looking for a quick and easy way to get toned arms? That's just what the Shake Weight ($20) promises — in just six minutes a day. Weighing in at just 2.5 pounds, it supposedly tones your upper body faster than regular dumbbells. I'm not buying it though. I'm sticking with regular hand weights since they're effective and don't require you to gyrate your body up and down. Dumbbells are also fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and offer more variety since they come in a range of weights. Another plus is that you can use dumbbells to tone just about every part of your body, depending on how you use them. The Shake Weight only works your upper body (if it works it at all).

If you aren't convinced and want to learn more about the Shake Weight, check out the infomercial when you


XMC XMC 3 years
It transformed my entire upper body and I am so much stronger now. When used properly you will get results. I don't put the DVD in anymore because you can quickly learn the routine, once learned it's amazingly handy to keep any place in the house, pick it up and use it. If you do all the different techniques your body gives you it's own guide on how much progress you've made, [watching my shoulders was my favorite ;x really it was awesome, the tops of my shoulders shrunk in size and got so tight, then you see it tightening around your arm pits **I was fluffy**] lifted my breasts and firmed them, back fat and the sides, - the hardest part to work is under arms of course, but a nice surprise was gaining muscle in the forearms. When I got it (from sister in law) I was expecting some minor toning in the arms and wanting it to tone my back but after using it and regularly there is now muscle, there is toning, tightening - honestly it's crazy that it works as awesome as it does and gets the shit reviews it does (especially from those who haven't even tried it). As a stay at home with two toddlers, I'd rather use the time it'd take to use dumbbells doing cardio instead (or grooming, ha) also, it's not the easy way out, it sucks sometimes, especially the one you do to your side behind your back leaned over - Lastly, the advertised technique - the further you can hold it out the more you're going to get from it.
anoyo anoyo 7 years
I purchased it from Bed Bath and beyond and it works great! After 2 weeks there is a difference!
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