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I Don't Buy It: ThighGlider

A toned tush and lean thighs are something most of us strive for, so the ThighGlider may pique your interest. At $60, this machine is specifically designed for women to target the inner and outer thighs and buns. Of course, it all happens in just "minutes a day."

The ThighGlider is like a Thigh Master on wheels! I'm not denying that the fluid arch-movement of your thighs squeezing in and out won't tone your legs and rear, but if you have a lot of weight in that area, you still need to do some type of cardio to burn the fat. Although ThighGlider doesn't mention that part of it. They do guarantee that if you use their system, complete with ThighGlider, resistance band, and instructional DVD, it'll "give you the best thighs of your life." That's quite a statement right there, but I'm not falling for it. To lose weight in your lower body and tone your buns and thighs, I'd stick to squats, lunges, uphill walking, and jogging. They're not only effective, but they're free!

If you're curious about the ThighGlider, check out their infomercial when you


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