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Why People Love Yoga

Why FitSugar Readers Love Yoga

We love reading all the reasons why FitSugar readers love yoga! Here are some of the quotes our members posted in the Get Fit For Summer community group as part of the seventh challenge in the Get Fit For Summer giveaway. By doing so, they're eligible to win a $100 New Balance gift card!

  • lindsgiles — "I run a few half marathons each year and when it gets to training time I normally get super tight. I was limping around and having hip pain until I started incorporating yoga into my weekly workout routine . . . I have seen how it challenges my fitness as far as strength, balance, flexibility, and even cardio.  I have started attending a hot yoga class each weekend and I love the heat and being able to get deeper into the poses."
  • Sarah10563 — "I am an avid outdoors runner, have a gym membership mainly for body pump classes, but I also joined a bikram yoga studio because I believe it is the spa treatment of exercise. It lets you push your body to a different kind of limit that running and other exercise can't achieve. Afterward I usually feel completely relaxed and a sort of high that is amazing."
  • Keep reading to see what other readers had to say!

  • vitaminneD — "I have been practicing yoga for a little over a month now and I love it! I love how I can stretch my body in ways I never thought I could. I love the instant energy rush I get after a hardcore power yoga class. Yoga fulfills my inner childhood dreams to be dancer and gymnast. I already feel more toned, flexible, and strong."
  • kelsafels — "What I like about yoga is that it truly helps me find balance with my mind and body, and the double-time workout is something that is invaluable with my busy schedule. I work with children (so not a quite, calm environment), and a lot of them come from disturbing home lives. There are days I leave feeling very stressed and frustrated at the lack of ability to change things. Yoga allows me to have some quiet me time to regroup. It lets me focus on myself, the way I am feeling, and the things I can control (like my breathing). It helps me recharge so that I can be more useful to the students I work with, and not get burnt out."
  • FBGMartine — "Love, love, love yoga! Yesterday, I actually went to two classes (a regular class and a workshop), and boy do I feel fantastic! All of those little kinks in my back from being cooped up behind a desk are gone, I'm pleasantly sore, and I'm planning my next workout! Yoga leaves me energized and ready to go!"

We know that bikini season is right around the corner, and to help you get fit for Summer, we've created a series of weekly fitness and health challenges. To add a little incentive, throughout the rest of Spring, we'll be awarding a weekly prize of a $100 New Balance gift card to participating readers. To be eligible to win, create a post in the Get Fit For Summer community group as each challenge comes up.

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eatingbirdfood eatingbirdfood 6 years
I use yoga as therapy for scoliosis. Yoga really does work wonders for alignment!
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
I recently injured my shoulder and have had to lay off yoga - my physio said to rest for 15 days. It's been 4 and I can already tell I'm not as balanced/centered...
spicyhippofood spicyhippofood 6 years
Lindsgiles - I am a runner currently suffering from hip/groin pains and have been doing yoga but it hasn't improved my pain. I am now seeing a PT and he recommended I take 2 weeks off while he works with me. I am extremely bummed out about having to take a break and have been feeling hopeless, like I will never get back into running again. Your little story has given me hope that I will get better and be running again soon!
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