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Why Try a Cleanse

Embarking on the 10-Day Paleta Cleanse: Wish Me Luck

Paleta cleanse, I have been intrigued by the whole cleanse thing but not interested in drinking just juice for days on end. And honestly, I have also been a little intimidated by the amount of effort, both mentally and physically (I pictured a lot of chopping, prepping, and cooking) that they seem to require. But after having lived for four days without vices, I felt like I had tasted the mental discipline it takes and could handle a longer challenge. Then Paleta invited me to a complimentary round of its 10-day National Cleanse ($645) — the company delivers the food to your door — and my excuse of laziness evaporated.

I started the cleanse this morning and will be avoiding the following for well over a week: caffeine, alcohol, dairy, corn, soy, wheat, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. After sipping on just a shake for my morning meal (I am really looking forward to my peanut butter and celery midmorning snack!), I had some reservations. I am worried about being cranky from hunger and crazy from not getting my sweat on — 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended daily while on the cleanse, and I am used to hour-long runs, 90-minute Vinyasa yoga classes, and three-hour bike rides. But after the indulgence fest known as the holidays, I feel downright addicted to sugar and cheese, and the time seems right to reevaluate my relationship to food. After giving up caffeine to good effect, I want to see how it is to go without wheat, sugar, and dairy. My energy levels haven't been too great either. Since the Paleta cleanse included increased energy and mental clarity, along with hormone regulation and improved skin and hair, I am game to try. Plus I want to see what all the buzz is about. The cleanse also states that you could lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days, too. I am not really looking to lose weight, but am curious enough to keep track of my measurements.

If you're curious about my meals on the plan, follow FitSugar on Facebook. I will share photos of my food daily and updates on my will power, energy levels, and moods.

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