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Healthy Recipes
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Why We Should Love to Eat Chia Seeds

Learn to Love: Chia Seeds

Ch-ch-ch-chia! Most people know about chia because of the famous shrubby pets that seemed to invade every commercial break during the '90s. The same seeds that made those houseplants so familiar are also quite good for the body. So forget those porous clay pots and learn why you should be ingesting them and how to get them in your diet.

To see why you need to learn to love chia seeds,


  • Nutritional benefits: Chia seeds may be the ninja seeds of nutrition. They are high in omega-3, protein, fiber, and calcium.
  • Diet aid: If you're ready for a science experiment, place a few chia seeds in a glass of water and watch them expand. The sponge-like seeds will soak up the water, which is why a tummy full of the little guys will make one less hungry. Instead of snacking on empty calorie pantry items, dribble a few seeds in a glass of water and you'll feel satiated while reaping all the above nutritional benefits.
  • How to eat them: A seed of little flavor and substance, it is quite easy to get it in most meals. Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, muffins, and smoothies offer easy access for the seeds. Lunch and dinner options are simple, too — add the seeds to salads, potatoes, rice, salsa, fruit salads, and on top of ice cream, too!

Have you tried chia seeds? Tell me in the comments below.

AmyLyn AmyLyn 7 years
I have found that they are pretty hard to find, I almost had to buy them online! I tried my local co-op with no luck, wandered around the grocery store...and nothing! Then one day at Wegmans (our WNY food mecca) I finally found them in the organic section...yay! I'm also an avid reader of Ohsheglows and Angela has a 101 ways to fit them into your diet!
Barbara-Jeanne Barbara-Jeanne 7 years
I love chia! I stumbled upon it last year and researched it til I was silly! Since then I have told my friends and family about it! I don't have enough space/time to tell you all the wonderful stories that have happened since being on chia! My mom (73) lowered her chl by 30 points, her blood sugar leveled out (@95 and she has type 2 diabetes), her glaucoma pressure went down all within 8 weeks of starting this micro-milled chia flour (running food and purely chia- made in Skaneateles ny)! My sister in law has lost 25 pounds and kept it off after starting chia 4 months ago! I can make it through my day (3 kids, all their activities, 2 cats, dog, husband, house, bills, full time job..bills, etc...)my own mini marathon everyday without being completely exhausted! I sleep better, a friend's vitamin d count went up 60 points...many stories (at least 4 with their results I could get for you concerning chl. points dropping, ldl chl. significantly dropped, energy stories one after the other!) All from a little baby seed! Wow...crazy! 100% natural! no crazy chemicals that your kidneys have to filter out! Actually the oldest known seed! Full circle...thats whats going on! The micro-milled, ground, or flour known by many is so easy to add to your food and I have been putting it in my son's food for months without any detection (worst picky eater ever-makes me feel so much better knowing the nutrition he is getting!) Really, try it, this is the real deal! Natures Chemistry makes it in New York- no crazy pyramid schemes like some of the brands out there that cost $45/lb-hello are you crazy? Running Food or Purely Chia try it! Do something good for yourself, your family, and your friends. I am telling you....give it a try for just a couple weeks and you will notice a difference...not like a caffeine jolt, but if you forget to take it, you will notice that 3-4pm tired time will be there. start slow...lots of fiber...tsp for a couple days then bump it up to tbls and go from there. A friend of mind (trainer) takes 4 tbls a day,b ut is training for big events (marathons, tre's etc...) It is the best thing that you can do for yourself and super easy!!! Peace! I have a ton of recipes that are delis if anyone is interested!
iheartchia iheartchia 7 years
I eat chia seeds daily. High in protein and omega 3, chia seeds truly are a wounder food thats very affordable. Everyone could benefit from adding a little chia into their diets. Check out
chiagirl chiagirl 7 years
THE AZTECS CALLED CHIA RUNNING FOOD™! The Tarahumara Indians are an ancient tribe of super athletes that live in the Copper Canyon. Tarahumaran Indian Cirildo Chacarito showed up to a 100 mile Ultra Marathon over 30 minutes late. Cirildo wore his native garb including Hurache Sandals made from the tread of a tire and leather straps. He looked completely out of place amidst these world class Ultra Marathoners. The unlikely contender won the race 37 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher. To top it off, Cirildo was 52 years old! The Media swarmed around Cirildo and asked how he could run such an amazing race. Cirildo said it was the chia seed that gave him all his strength and endurance. The Aztecs discovered chia and called it "Running Food". Running Food Chia Flour is Micro-Milled™ Chia seed and is the healthiest raw whole food on planet earth! Running Food Micro-Milled™ Chia is a potent nutritional product. 8 X more Omegas than Salmon 25% More Dietary Fiber the Flax Seed 15 X More Magnesium Than Broccoli 6 X More Calcium Than Milk 30% more Antioxidants than Blueberries. It makes gluten free baking awesome!. The products are made at a Green + manufacturing plant. Gluten Free Certified and Kosher. We use 100% renewable sources of energy (solar, wind, water). We also have: Running Food Energy Bars, Chia Oil Softgels, Granola, Cereal,Pancake Mix, Blueberry Muffin Mix and more!!!! Check out the incredible testimonials on our site. 315-685-2310 main ph.
opentypeA opentypeA 7 years
I've never seen them in the store. Where do you find them, just at coops / Whole Foods?
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 7 years
i forgot the link!
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 7 years
i love these!! i recently found an awesome recipe for chia pudding on oh she glows and it's super good. i add pumpkin + spices + more cocoa powder because it's fall and i like it.
sinsational sinsational 7 years
I like to prepare a big mug of Rooibos tea and add a tsp of grind flax seeds, tsp of Chia seeds, sweetened w Stevia. It is very fulfilling when you are hungry at night, and comforting in cold weather, not to mention the benefits of the omega 3 and protein
amber512 amber512 7 years
I have tried them and they as well as flaxseeds completely upset my intestines! I wish I could reap all of those benefits without being in such pain!
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
They might take a few trial and errors, but if we can replicate the ones we made last year I'll be sure to share. :)
lauren lauren 7 years
girloverboard, if you make them again I would love recipe! I have always been interested in making my own just haven't had the opportunity.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
My husband and I made granola bars for a hike we went on the other year and we've been talking about making more. The longer I've thought about this, the more I'm realizing that these bars would be an excellent place to use the chia seeds.
punkinqueen punkinqueen 7 years
Dr. J, the short version is that they have a lot of nutrients in them. In addition, they are great for diabetics because they slow the absorption of food in the stomach and they give you lots of energy. The Aztecs used to chew them as they ran up and down the trade routes. I've been trying to come up with a good protein/energy bar recipe that incorporates them.
punkinqueen punkinqueen 7 years
I grind them up in a small coffee grinder, then I add them to baked goods and things. I once made chocolate chip cookies with them that people absolutely raved about. Adding water to some of the ground up seeds creates a gel that makes a great addition to smoothies too, some nonfat greek yogurt, some fruit (ripe peaches or something) and as much of the gel as you like. Be careful with these though! One time I decided to skip dinner because it was late so I made a smoothie by adding a cup of gel to some lime flavored water, I was up all night. Could not sleep. Though I had no problems the next day, I still felt pretty refreshed. I just like my sleep. Oh well, lesson learned
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
I put chia seeds in my overnight oats. They do help keep me full! :) I've also sprinkled them on salad and have eaten them straight before, though that gets kind of messy...hehehe.
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