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Why Women Should Lift Weights

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Weightlifting

Plenty of women know how to bust it out in the cardio department but can't understand why they're not achieving the toned muscle definition they desire. Lifting weights can really change the game. If you fear the weight room at the gym, it's time to put those days behind you.

You won't bulk up: Getting bulky isn't a viable excuse anymore for staying away from weights. The age-old saying of weightlifting naysayers needs to be put to rest once and for all. Acquiring muscle mass requires testosterone levels that women simply don’t have in their chemical makeup. It's quite the opposite — you'll actually accentuate your feminine shape with lifting; muscle burns more calories than fat to help you achieve the definition you've been seeking.

You can handle it: Like anything else, the more you train, the stronger you'll feel. And lifting light weights isn't necessarily the way to go. In fact, one study found that women who lifted heavier weights with fewer repetitions burned more calories and had a bigger metabolic boost than those who lifted lighter weights with increased repetitions. Know how tough you are and push your preconceived notions of what your body is capable of handling. If you're not sure where to start, read up on these essential weight room tips to get going.

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Brian-Walpole Brian-Walpole 4 years
Given the immense benefits of increasing muscle mass, it is unfortunate that women tend to be misinformed and therefore often end up making the wrong choice by avoiding workouts that target muscle building. Training smartly would in fact make them stronger and their bodies curvier and more attractive. Some of the benefits of women gaining muscle mass include less body fat, better bone density, a healthier pregnancy and a happy positive mental outlook. For a detailed look at why women should lift weights please refer to
Rose4247 Rose4247 4 years
I love that lifting heavy is becoming more mainstream. It makes you stronger, leaner, and all around more coordinated! This article quotes Joey Gonzalez- the owner of Barry's Bootcamp (which if you've never heard of you should check it out)
angri angri 4 years
So... women with PCOS, which involves, among other things, an out-of-whack hormone balance and higher levels of androgens, just don't count or what. It's so WEIRD that several women I know DO BULK UP even though magazine articles promise us we won't!
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