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From the Community: Yoga Equals Instant Stress Relief

FitSugar reader YogaGirlAli loves doing yoga for stress relief — find out why! She shared this post in the Tone It Up community group.

Be healthy. Feel beautiful. Have a steady mind. Wouldn't it be nice feel that way all the time? The reality is that we are often too tired or too busy to take the steps to get anywhere near there. Yoga and meditation can help you get there and lead a longer, healthier life. One of the first steps is reducing the stress in our lives.

Learn how yoga is proven to help with stress after the break!

Stress, simply put, is anything that causes strain . . . one scientifically proven way of ditching the stress is by practicing yoga. A well-taught yoga class can be one major stress release for your whole body and mind. You will sweat and burn calories while transforming your body and deepening your breath. Yoga puts you in better touch with yourself, creating a mind-body connection. You will find that after developing a steady practice, your body will actually beg to be nourished. You might even find yourself reaching for a bag of baby carrots and hummus in the refrigerator rather than that carton of ice cream or, better yet, yes, I'm saying it — the hunk of animal protein sandwiched between an uberly-processed white flour bun. Yoga will help you understand how to feel your body while cleansing and detoxifying it from the inside out so that you can replenish your body with what it actually needs rather than what the mind "thinks" it needs.


Getting in tune with the mind is an easy way to begin to understand meditation. Meditation may seem to some to be a mysterious process, although it doesn't have to be — just breathe! The Buddha said that we suffer in life because we are trapped in our minds. It can be simple: sit, breathe, and resist getting wrapped up in the drama of your ongoing thoughts. If you find yourself sitting there with nothing to focus on rather than your to-do list, try instead to focus on the way the air enters and exits through the nostrils. In this way, the mind is clear and the process of practicing the physical postures of yoga can be more effective.

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