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Healthy Recipes
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Why You Need to Exercise, Sleep Well, and Brush Your Teeth

There is a lot of health advice out there, and boy do I have plenty to spare. As Thanksgiving rolls around, we can all, hopefully, be thankful for our good health. To remain happy and healthy there are three things you need to do: exercise, sleep well, and take care of your teeth.

We have known for a while now that vigorous exercise can help prevent breast cancer, but new research performed by the National Cancer Institute shows that getting enough shut-eye is necessary for the benefits of all your hard work to stick. Not getting adequate sleep can practically negate the benefits of exercise in lowering your breast cancer risk. I knew that not sleeping well increased breast cancer risk, but am a little surprised that it can negate exercise. Hopefully, exercising vigorously will help us all sleep solidly through the night. One thing that has helped me is getting rid of my digital alarm clock with its bright blue display.

To get the skinny on brushing your teeth,


The health of your teeth and gums is truly important to the health of your heart. Although the connection between unhealthy gums and an unhealthy heart is still not clear, the connection does seem to be coming into focus. The culprit is likely high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), which the body makes in reaction to injury or infection-induced inflammation. The American Heart Association believes that high levels of hs-CRP may indicate increased risk for heart attacks. Gum disease can come on suddenly, and your best defense is to take good care of your mouth. So brush and floss your teeth daily!


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