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Why You Should Workout in the Morning

3 Good Reasons to Work Out in the Morning

Now that you've reaped that extra hour of sleep over the weekend, you may be annoyed at the fact that the end of daylight savings means that your days seem so much shorter. But instead of wasting that extra hour of morning sunlight still in bed, here are three good reasons for switching your workout to take advantage of the early morning daylight.

You may burn more calories: Research has shown that morning exercisers tend to work out harder and longer than afternoon or evening exercisers. It may be just in their personality, but scheduling has a lot to do with it, too — you're more apt to spend more time on your workout, and you may be more energetic and alert at the beginning of the day.

You'll get it out of the way: Constantly deciding between after-work plans or a trip to the gym? Can't stand a lunch workout because of the post-workout beauty routine? By working out in the morning, you won't have to think about schlepping gym bags to and from work or figuring out a time to shower before fancy dinner plans.

You'll stick to it: If you exercise in the morning, you are more apt to keep with your routine. That's because there's usually no reason to reschedule; you'll finish your workout before your day officially starts, and there's nothing like an exceptionally trying day at work to make you want to skip.

A.m. exercise may not work if you're not a morning person, but when we asked, many of you said you would be getting up early to work out in the morning. Tell us why you get up early to exercise!

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