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Why You're Not Losing Weight and Guides to Help

Reasons You're Not Seeing Results and How to Change That

Like all living things, our bodies change, evolve, and expand with time. Some growth — like professional and personal achievements — makes us want to celebrate, while other types — like an expanding waistline or bigger number on the scale — are less than cheer worthy. If you've noticed some weight gain or been unable to drop weight despite concerted efforts, take note of our reminders and guides so you can start 2011 off in the know and ready to make the change you want.

  • Reasons You Have an Inch to Pinch — Women tend to gain weight in a few special spots — our thighs, tush, face, breasts, and of course, our tummies. If a flabby belly is your problem area, here are some possible reasons why.
  • Reasons Your Bod Doesn't Look Buff — If your muscles aren't yet popping like you hoped, here are some common reasons why your bod might not be looking buff.

For guides to hitting your goal and erasing the bulge, keep reading.

  • Tips and Tricks For Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain — It's a great way to unwind from the busy week, but constantly letting loose on the weekends also means you might need to buy looser pants! Here are some tips for enjoying the weekend without derailing your diet.
  • Get Your Portions Under Control — If weight loss is your goal for 2011, then downsizing your portions is a must. On average, we eat way too much at meal time, and often our snacks are supersized. Try these tricks to help get your portions in check the next time you sit down to eat.
  • How to Avoid Weight Gain When Dating — The early stages of dating are no doubt an exciting time, but all the meals out, the shared bottles of wine, the unexpected treats, and the missed workouts can affect the number on the scale. We asked readers to share tips on preventing weight gain when dating, and here are some highlights.
  • How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain — I always thought putting on a little "Winter padding" was expected each time the cold weather blew in, but if you can prevent gaining those few extra pounds, you won't have to worry about losing them come Spring. Here are seven ways to avoid an expanding waistline in the Winter.
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