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In my earlier post on bacne (acne on the back) I suggested wearing a sports bra that was good at wicking away the sweat from the body. Well here's my new favorite bra that is wicked awesome at wicking - the Trilogy Bra by Title Nine Sports.

Fabricated from three different types of fabrics, hence the name, engineered to wick the sweat away from your skin. The back and straps of this pull-over bra are made of mesh to provide maximum breathability. The body of the bra is wicking polyester that is lined (this is the part I love - a sports bra with lining, who knew!!!??!!!) with power nylon mesh. While that sounds like it might be uncomfortable or itchy, it is not. The lining keeps the girls and the cleavage dry (another place sweat can pool and create a breakouts). Plus I find the bra quite supportive.

It comes in brown (aka Cocoa), as well as green (aka Herbal Garden) and blue (Moon Stone). The poetry of the color names just cracks me up. My Trilogy Bra is green.

Order one directly from Title Nine's website. Happy cool, wicked, supported running to ya.

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