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Win Magimix Juicer and KIND Bars For a Year

Win a Year of KIND Healthy Snacks and a Magimix Food Processor

It's the New Year and time to get back on track, jump-start your January, and get fit for 2012. All month long, we're helping you set your path for the rest of the year by breaking down the different fundamentals of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our focus for the next seven days is how to fuel your body.

We're giving away amazing prizes to help you meet your goals! This week's prize prepares you for a year of healthy eating. For starters, we are giving away a year's supply of KIND Healthy Snacks bars (that's 72 bars a month) — plus some KIND Healthy Grains, perfect for a superfood snack. We're also giving away a powerful food processor from Magimix. The amazing Magimix by Robot-Coupe 4200XL 14-Cup Food Processor, with a juice extractor and smoothie mix attachment, will help you prepare healthy meals, smoothies, and juices all year long.

Enter below and you could be one of two lucky winners to receive a year's supply of KIND Healthy Snacks and a Magimix by Robot-Coupe 4200XL 14-Cup Food Processor!


This giveaway has ended.

Check us out on Facebook, where we will be keeping our own fitness diary and providing tips, advice, recipes, and workouts for all of our fans. If you're craving more fitness gear and goodies, enter our Under Armour giveaway for $500 to spend on Under Armour and our Asics giveaway for a year's supply of Asics running shoes. Good luck!

Join The Conversation
Clickalot Clickalot 5 years
I like the prizes!
shaunb76 shaunb76 5 years
i could use this
flawlessfoodie flawlessfoodie 5 years
So wanting to win this!!!
old61putter old61putter 5 years
Danielle2240080 Danielle2240080 5 years
I love Kind bars! I also would love a food processor. Poverty sucks :-(
old61putter old61putter 5 years
i love Kind bars the only snack i have.
browser199 browser199 5 years
Never tried these bars before but now is a good time to try reading a lot of good reviews about them
cameogirl cameogirl 5 years
We buy Kind bars regularly on It is the only snack we have near the door for a grab and run moment, my grandson loves Kind bars and he loves to help me create new and interesting smoothies and soups. We are vegetarians so Kind Bars are the perfect snack food for a healthy diet. Smoothies made with fruit and veggies and raw protein powder are our go to breakfast in the morning. So the food processor and the Kind Bars are a perfect fit for a healthy lifestyle. For those who don't exercise because of pain, you will benefit from exercise. I have had a spinal fusion on 6 discs and I walk 3 miles a day, do yoga and work with resistance bands. Yes it hurts, but not as much as doing nothing at all. Healthy food is also great for reducing pain and inflammation. My husband had brain surgery for a traumatic brain injury in which he almost lost his life, this was 16 months ago, he is back into his triathalon training and doing fantastic. We believe, as well as our physicians that a healthy diet and perseverance are what keeps us in such good shape when others would have just given up and sat around like couch potatoes.
old61putter old61putter 5 years
i like Giveaway hope to win a prize. think you.
Sunnymay Sunnymay 5 years
I've had Kind Bars and they're fun and healthy. I've been eyeing food processors for some time and would like something more than the blender I have. I love smoothies made with yogurt, berries and a scoop of whey protein powder.
cymbaline cymbaline 5 years
Being a teacher and performer, I am pretty busy, I need healthy snacks like KIND bars to keep me going, as well as tools to make healthy meals like smoothies quickly.
1256893 1256893 5 years
The Kind bars are the best i have ever tasted, and that's saying a lot. I will be 70 in march.
janlbeebo janlbeebo 5 years
WOW !! What a nice giveaway. Thank you for hosting contest.
Jess8902 Jess8902 5 years
What a fantastic prize!! Exactly what I could use (and of course share with my little boys) to stay on the right healthy path this year! :D
TonyTannahill TonyTannahill 5 years
kellylovesdavid kellylovesdavid 5 years
I am disabled, and this MagiMix processor sounds like a fabulous item for me, since I can't really do any exercise without a whole lot of pain (the doctors messed up my neck surgery). I am stuck with a food only way of gettting healthy and to lose weight.
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