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Win a New Balance Gift Card on FitSugar 2011-05-25 17:41:19

Get Fit For Summer: Challenge 7, Tell Us How You Feel About Yoga

We know that bikini season is right around the corner, and to help you get fit for Summer we've created a series of weekly fitness and health challenges. To add a little incentive, throughout the rest of Spring we'll be awarding a weekly prize of a $100 New Balance gift card to participating readers. To be eligible to win, create a post in the Get Fit For Summer community group as each challenge comes up.

This week's challenge: Whether you love it or hate it, we want to know how you feel about yoga. Write a blog post explaining your feelings about the ancient practice in the Get Fit For Summer community group. If you're a yoga lover, wax poetic on your favorite pose or class. If yoga is not your thing, tell us what about it turns you off — we might be able to help (because we love it). Be sure to download and print out our full-body yoga flow sequence, then pull out your mat and give it a whirl.

Remember, by completing this challenge you will be entered into a random drawing for a $100 gift card from New Balance. Just be sure to complete the challenge by 11:59 p.m. PDT May 29 to enter. Need to know more? See the official rules here. Namaste!

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r0nna r0nna 5 years
I need to get back to yoga... it's been hard for me to slow down and be patient with the practice. The results would definitely be worth it though.
Laurirdh Laurirdh 6 years
I love yoga!!!! I have been practicing for about 9 yrs.Some times i slide and sometimes I am full force about it. it relaxes, destresses and stretches you to the max. I have put a new effort into this last month, as the mom of two little ones it helps, but I sumetimes wish i had more time to do more vigores exercise and yoga too!!!. It's a toss up.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 6 years
It is restorative and forces me to relax, which I can forget to do!
aglendin aglendin 6 years
Yoga makes me feel stronger, fitter, and more at peace. It balances out my cardio - and my week!
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