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Is Wine Paleo?

If You're Wondering Whether Wine Is Paleo, Look No Further — Here's Your Answer

When you first start the Paleo diet, it might be tough, since you have to cut out a lot of things you normally eat on a daily basis, like sugar, wheat, and dairy. As you get deeper into the diet, you inevitably start asking questions about other foods and drinks. One blaring question that's bound to come up at some point is whether you can drink your favorite beverage of all time — wine.

There isn't really a cut and dry answer, but many Paleo followers insist that wine is, in fact, the closest Paleo-friendly alcohol that exists out there. So yes, you can have wine, as long as it's consumed sparingly, since the whole point of following this diet is to only eat foods that are entirely unprocessed. And in case you didn't know, it takes quite a big process to make any alcohol.

Wine is made by pressing pulp from grapes and mixing it with yeast, then allowing it to ferment. Grapes are technically Paleo (in small amounts), and there is some evidence to suggest that cavemen did ferment certain fruits and consume the juice every now and again. This was only done sporadically, though, considering the amount of resources they had on hand, so if you're going Paleo, you shouldn't have wine that often, but it's certainly not off limits.

However, not all wine is created equal in the Paleo world. Many wines have additives and preservatives that aren't part of a healthy diet, so make sure you get yourself an organic wine that doesn't have these unwanted chemicals. Some Paleo enthusiasts also insist that it's best to drink red wine, because unlike white wine, the skin hasn't been removed, so you get a healthy dose of the antioxidant resveratrol, which can lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots.

So if you've been Paleo for a while now and you just can't take your mind off of that bottle of Pinot Noir, by all means enjoy a glass. Just remember that our cavemen ancestors probably didn't have a whole bottle in one sitting.

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