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Winter Skin Care Tips From Freeskier Kit Deslauriers

Freeskiing Champion Kit Deslauriers Shares Her Winter Skin Care Tricks

The following post was written by North Face athlete and champion freeskier Kit Deslauriers.

We all know we should take great care of our skin but how to do that when our love of the mountains means exposing our skin to harsh conditions?

Kit Deslauriers

My skin care regimen differs depending on if I am at home while preparing for my day in the mountains, or if I am on a 20 day expedition living in a tent and carrying all of my belongings on my back. Here's my basic approach, including a few of my favorite products, for at home and on expedition.

Home Skin Care

  • Morning Routine: Wash your face in the morning. I just started using a Clarisonic skin care brush instead of simply my hands to apply a gentle cleanser and I love it! Next a splash of hydrating toner to keep that moisture in, followed by a high potency vitamin C serum since this helps start the day with increased moisture and protection against sun exposure. Top that off with a light lotion and then sunscreen. Always sunscreen! These five steps just shouldn’t be skipped if you want to stay on top of what you’ve got.
  • Night Routine: Similar to the morning, start with a gentle cleanse, followed by hydrating toner splash, then some kind of hydrating serum, and lastly apply same lotion as in the morning or a thicker cream if you prefer. Honestly, I like to use a cream in the Winter and a lotion in the Summer.

Learn how teabags can save your skin in the back country.

Mountain Living Skin Care

  • Use the tea bag from your morning’s brew to freshen your face; it feels great and is full of antioxidants! Put on a moisturizing sunscreen such as Coola, my current favorite. Remember to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day.
  • When you get back to your tent at night, go big and dip into the special package of facial cleansing wipes you brought along. Depending on how many you brought, use one (or just half) on your face and then all over your body. Finish with a little skin cream. The boys in the tent next door will wonder what all the happy giggling is about!
  • Don't forget your LIPS!!! I keep an Aveda Lip Saver SPF 15 in my jacket and pants pocket so I remember to put it on all day long; I also love Aveda's version that has a tint of color to it.

Campfire Meets Beauty Salon
At night in our tents when all the chores are done and we women are organizing ourselves for sleep by light of our headlamps, we usually share a special skin care product that each one of us brings just for these moments. Everyone I go on ski expeditions with knows that my offering is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant. It can be used on the lips, to heal windburn or frostbite, or even to soften those abused cuticles. These moments are amusing and surprising to most since beyond them we are ‘core’ enough to often wear a single pair of baselayer clothing for weeks at a time. Small indulgences mean a lot to a girl in the mountains.

Learn more about Kit's adventures by reading her posts on on freeskiing and cross training.

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