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Winterize Your Running: Breathe Through Your Nose

If running is your go-to exercise and you're trying to have a treadmill-free Winter, let me remind you about the importance of breathing through your nose.

Cold, Winter air is dry and breathing through your mouth increases the dryness while decreasing the temperature of the air. Because your lungs do not like dry air, you can experience asthma-like symptoms, like wheezing and coughing, when you breathe cold air in through your mouth. Breathing through your nose not only filters out air impurities, but it helps to regulate body temperature as well. It also heats up the air, decreasing those asthma-like symptoms.

If nose breathing is difficult for you, start experimenting with it now before the temperatures drop to truly bitter degrees. Breathing through the nose, which I find challenging, helps you breathe more deeply and efficiently, which will ultimately help your running no matter the temperature. If you plan to run in cold temps and have yet to master nose breathing, Runner's World suggests wearing a bandanna over your nose and mouth to help trap the moisture of your breath and humidify the air before it reaches your lungs.


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