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Women's Health Care Advocates Want New Health Care Bill to Include Contraception

Should the New Health Care Plan Cover Birth Control?

Fresh on the heels of DrSugar discussing birth control and pregnancy, I wanted to let you all know there is a movement afoot to have the new health care plan include coverage for free birth control. According to MSNBC, the average woman spends "roughly five years trying to get pregnant or being pregnant." Which is considerably shorter than the time she spends trying not to get pregnant: 30 years. The amount of money spent on contraception over that 30 years can run very, very high.

Recently the White House issued new rules requiring health insurance companies to provide access to routine preventative care at no cost to members. Now women's health advocate groups and even some employer groups believe contraception should be added to the list of preventative care. Using birth control correctly prevents unwanted pregnancies, and planned pregnancies have been shown to be healthier for both the mom and baby.

However, not everyone is on board with this idea. Deirdre McQuade, the spokeswoman for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, stated, "Fertility is not a disease to be cured, and the government should not treat it as that."

The money side of the proposal has been researched by the National Business Group on Health, who commissioned Price Waterhouse Coopers to study the estimated cost to health plans of providing preventive family planning services. The study determined that the cost is about $40 per member annually, with a typical family policy costing around $13,000 per year.

As a woman who has shelled out a lot of cash over the years for contraception I think this would be beneficial to so many women for so many reasons. What about you?

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