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Women's Winner 2012 Boston Marathon

Congratulations to Sharon Cherop, 2012 Boston Marathon Women's Winner

Sharon Cherop of Kenya is the 2012 116th Boston Marathon winner of the Women's Elite Race; Cherop, 28, finished with a time of 2:31:50. Following behind Cherop was Jemima Jelagat Sumgong from Kenya with a time of 2:31:52. Georgina Rono of Kenya finished third with a time of 2:33:09. With 600 meters to go, Cherop broke away while turning onto Bolyston Street in downtown Boston, maintaining her lead to the very end.

Temperatures at today's starting line were in the 80s, making for a conservative start as the women adjusted to the unusual heat. Defending champ Caroline Kilel and 2011 New York City Marathon winner Firehiwot Dado were both favorites to win, but were dropped from the lead pack along the infamous Heartbreak Hill section of the race. After Dado and Kilel fell behind, it remained a tight two-women race until the very end with Cherop and Sumgong separated by a matter of seconds. On what attributed to her win, Sharon said, "I’m so happy because it’s my second time being here in Boston. This time around I was really prepared. Last time the race went so fast and I didn’t know I was about to finish. This time, I spent more time training it. Today we also started slowly, which also helped." Cherop placed third at last year's Boston Marathon, and with this win, may have secured a spot on the Kenyan Olympic marathon team.

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