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Working out is often a mind over matter thing. Sometimes to keep moving, all it takes is a potent phrase. Simply saying "Five more minutes – you can do that!" (which it sounds like many of you do) to yourself can keep your legs moving and your arms pumping. Recently, I asked how you all keep yourself motivated during workouts and there are so many gems.

Here are a few I just had to share:

  • From amiemoos comes two:
    "Pain is temporary but pride is forever."
    "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."
  • Punkingirl says this to herself:
    "Did you get up this morning just to quit half way through?"
  • From Jenniegirl comes three phrases:
    "Your body is a temple."
    "Your legs are a powerhouse."
    "You can do this. Your body can do this."
  • My buddy BuzzSugar coaxes herself up hills when running by saying:
    "Float! Float! Float!" with every step.
  • And just because you are not swimming doesn't mean you cannot channel the lovable fish Dori from Finding Nemo. That's what Running Bunny does. She tells herself:
    "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." It works for running, but I used it in my first open water swim of the season and man it worked liked a charm.

Try any of these the next time your mind is trying to convince you that your body is through.


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