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Sitting all day long at a desk job is not only boring, but it's bad for your body. It can cause lower back pain, tight hips, and tense shoulders. Research also shows that not moving for hours on end actually turns off your fat burning enzymes and slows down your metabolism, causing gradual weight gain. Sitting can also lower your beneficial HDL cholesterol levels. The solution? Stand at work instead of sitting. Since it requires more effort, you'll burn more calories. It'd be great if you could raise your desk or purchase one that has adjustable legs. If that's not a possibility, try to find times during your day where you can get out of your chair. Stand while on the phone, while looking over paperwork, during lunch, while in meetings, or chatting with your co-worker. Maybe you can inspire a trend at your office. Maybe you can all sing "Stand" by REM together too!


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