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Work Out With Stuff You Have at Home

5 Workouts That Use What You've Already Got at Home

Your new workout regimen may be off to a great start, but if you like to exercise at home, investing in home gym essentials may be a gradual affair. In the meantime, get an effective workout sans gym equipment.

  1. Chair workout: Using a chair in your workouts challenges your core and turns toning into a total-body calorie burn. This chair workout from a FitSugar reader and certified trainer will strengthen your body all over without the need for weights.
  2. Stair cardio workout: What to do when it's too cold to run outside and you don't have a treadmill? This butt-toning stair workout makes it possible to sweat it out in the comfort of your own home. The workout includes strength-training moves that can be done anywhere; dumbbells are optional for some of the moves but not required.
  3. Towel workout: A small hand towel is all you need for this creative towel video workout from Madonna's trainer, Nicole Winhoffer. Use it as a resistance band, slider, and more for a home workout that's anything but boring.
  4. Wall workout: These two moves using a wall will help strengthen your legs in no time.
  5. No equipment workout: For the ultimate in do-anywhere workouts, follow along to our 10-minute no-equipment workout video. All you need is your laptop and your living room to work your entire body.
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