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Eric-Kenyon-RKC Eric-Kenyon-RKC 7 years
That article is ineffectual and distracting. I also can't help but notice that the models pictured have soft, flat, shapeless, and weak looking glutes. Romanian deadlifts are the only effective exercise mentioned for the purpose specified. However the conventional deadlift must be mastered before the RDL can be done safely and effectively. The deadlift is a purely natural, safe and powerful movement if you do it right. Keep a tight arch in your lower back and your shins vertical. Use a barbell with a respectable weight. Remember the gluteus are the most powerful muscles you have. Little pink dumbells are not going to make any impression. If you have mobiliy limitations arrange the barbell on blocks or in a rack so you can pick up the bar without losing that tight arch in your lower back. DL's "work your back" only in the sense that your back muscles are stabilizing like crazy. There is no movement above the pelvic-femoral joint. Do your DL's in sets of one. As you descend to pick up the bar really reach back with your hips. You should feel the tension loading into your glutes and hamstrings. That feeling means you are on the right track. Don't turn your DL's into squats by dropping the hips and letting the knees drift forward. Don't turn them into straight leg DL's by not letting the knees bend. No other glute training is needed, in fact the deadlift works every muscle in the body, it is a full body strength workout in itself. Keep fatigue out of your DL sessions and you will have little or no increase in muscle mass. However your glutes will be extremely hard and they will defy gravity.
Str8outangel Str8outangel 8 years
pretty please
Str8outangel Str8outangel 8 years
please put pdf format!
Charbie-Doll Charbie-Doll 8 years
SUMMER HOLIDAY!!!!!! Im planning to run in the park 4 two whole hour and swim in my pool!!!!!!!!
NdHebert NdHebert 8 years
PDF of this would be grand!
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
Fit- can you make this in to a pdf form . . it's easier to print those than the slides to take along to the gym, thanks!
michaeluvnikita michaeluvnikita 8 years
i need a gym buddy.It's so boring working out by yourself.
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